Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Fun Bag Part 2: Preschool basket

Hi!  I am back today to share with you what I put in my preschooler's Summer Fun basket!

We also used this on a recent road trip--both the basket and the some of the contents were PERFECT for keeping busy in the car (bonus!!)

Here is a list of items I included:
I found these great books and flashcards at the dollar store.
Cost: $3

These are some more of the "bought" items I included.  The button lacing kit and wood stick kits were just $.69 each at a local discount store.
The magnetic Go Fish game was on clearance at World Market for $3.
The plastic plate/bowl/cup was from Target at $.50 each
I made the Date with Mom and Date with Dad coupons from the idea I found on this website.
Cost: $5.90

I made these File Folder games from Dollar store flashcards.
I love the idea of File Folder games, but didn't want to shell out the money right now for something like this (although it does look very cool!)
I am notorious for waiting until the last minute to do this sort of creative thing
(a personality flaw developed in my life after kids.)
I included a pocket for the extra pieces on the front using CD envelopes I had on hand.
Cost for 3 letter-match file folder games: $1

More printables!
I loved the UP Adventure book look alike (complete with badges) from to encourage summer exploration activities.
And the Passport (like the one from the Elementary bag) is an amazing tool to help the kids while I run errands.
Cost: $0

If you are at all familiar with the idea of "Busy Bags" for toddlers and preschoolers, you should DEFINITELY look into it!  It is basically a self-contained game to help the kids practice skills--everything from fine motor to letters and numbers!  There are TONS of ideas out there and I have some pinned on my Summer Fun Pinterest Board and Kids Crafts.

I made the Clothespin Number Match (11-20)
Popsicle stick drop (letters, numbers and shapes) 
{Scroll down to see the post that inspired this activity!}

Cost for all was $1 for the clothespins+popsicle sticks.

The last idea I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  
Here is the concept: Get an old board book, paint with chalkboard paint, then let the kids go crazy drawing on it and then wiping it off.
As you can see, I added some drawing "prompts" to the book.  I will try to get some pics of more of the pages soon.  I used a silver Sharpie to draw the prompts.
I was inspired by this chalkboard book.
Cost: $3.50 for the paint.
We had the chalk (as evidenced by the torn box!)

After adding in the glowsticks and candy ($.75) 
and the $1 basket I was DONE.
Total cost: $16.15
It was $1.15 over my budget, due mainly to the extra splurge at the dollar store. 
 I wasn't expecting to find the awesome workbooks and flashcards!

If you missed the other Summer Fun bag I did in Part One, you can find it here:

I think these ideas are great for keeping the kids busy everyday (not just in the summer!)

Coming soon the Toddler Summer Fun Basket!