Saturday, February 25, 2012

HUGE savings on DIY gel manicures!

{Well Facebook was being funky about this post, so I decided to put it HERE!}

I discovered gel manicures about a year ago.  They are about $35 at the salon, but last about TWO WEEKS.  Really.  I had not gotten manicures for years because it was a waste of money, but not anymore!  I love love the gel manicures (when I can treat myself).

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Then a few weeks ago I saw Sensationail at CVS for $59!  A DIY gel manicure (complete with light!) At $60, I knew that would easily pay for itself after just two manicures, but I didn't want to shell out the money without trying to get some sort of deal on it........

Through today (2/25) you can get this deal at CVS:

-Sensational is included in the buy $30, get a $10 cash card promo.  So you buy this and get TWO $10 cash cards.

-There is a $5 coupon on the Sensationail Facebook page

-Some people have reported getting a $10 Sensationail coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine (I did not, though--boo!!)

-You should also get $5 in ECB for buying $50 in beauty products (an on-going CVS promo).  Mine didn't print, but I told the manager and she manually printed them for me---this might vary by store or manager.

So I paid $54 OOP and got $25 back, bringing the overall price down to just $29!!!  
You get 10 manicures from the set, so that is just $3 for a $35 manicure!  
They have other colors as well, and I will be keeping an eye out for coupons and sales on those as well!!