Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finding Your Couponing Groove

Now that I have been "scaling back" my blogging and couponing (which, by the way, I'm sure you're GLAD now that I don't blow up your newsfeed throughout the day) I only check "coupon stuff" about once a day. (GASP!)

 Sometimes it's mornings, and sometimes it's in the afternoons or evenings. In doing so, I inevitably miss a few deals (and some that I would have really liked to have gotten!).  But this is just a reminder that ANY SAVINGS IS BETTER THAN NONE and (say it with me) EVERYTHING GOES ON SALE AGAIN EVENTUALLY. 

I love to save, but sometimes it isn't possible.  Like today--I NEEDED toilet paper and the request from the husband was to "quit buying the scratchy kind you always get on sale."  So there I was, paying full price for some nice soft Charmin today at Publix.  

I just wanted to share that because couponing doesn't have to be like another job that takes lots of time.....IT SO DOES NOT!  It's a way of life, just like eating healthy or working out.  It's a conscious decision to do WHAT you can to make sure you are saving as MUCH as you can with the time you have.  It's shopping CONSCIOUSLY.  EDUCATING yourself on grocery sales cycles and pricing. Making a commitment to a self-awareness about what is going in your cart. ORGANIZING your shopping trips and not just walking into a store without a plan.

I have been couponing for the last seven years.  SEVEN.  I have found what works for me after many, many trials and errors. So if you are new and just dipping your toes in this pool of couponing, keep in mind that developing what works for you takes time, practice and patience.

If you come to one of my coupon classes, you will hear me say that saving any money is better than you were doing before coming to my class. I mean it.  If saving 20% on $100 grocery bill each  week makes you happy (which it should!) then you are saving $80 a month!  Eighty-dollars: Just from making some small changes after coming to a class. 
Try not to compare your trips to the ones you see online where people have saved 80% or 90%.  That is rare (and to be applauded) but it's not the norm.  

And, by all means, if you have been going at it and are getting burned out--do what I have done--SCALE BACK!  TAKE A BREAK!  LET SOME DEALS GO!  I promise you will settle into what works for you.

This Spring I will be starting a series where I address some frequently asked coupon questions! I think it will really help clarify many confusing issues for you!
I would love to have you weigh-in on your most perplexing coupon issues!