Thursday, March 22, 2012


Here is a little freebie for you. My friend, Marji, passed this exhaustive list onto me many years ago (it used to include things like diapers, bottles and baby paraphernalia) but I have edited it to fit our needs now.  This is THE BEST THING because there is little I have to "try to remember" as I am packing.

Here is why it works:
1. I don't have to remember things while I will (inevitably) get distracted about a dozen times while trying to pack up our family of five.
2. I don't forget anything.  This list is TRIED AND TRUE.  I have used it for years and I have found it fool proof. In other words--we never forget stuff! (And I really mean never!) 

I recently found a similar list from the Container Store for $11.  What?  Yes. Really.  After Marji and I pined after all the money we could have made from her list, we decided to share (as she did with me several years, and kids, ago) for FREE.

So here you go: in case you are traveling this Spring Break or over the summer or sometime in the future (which I hope you will be!)  Print out a new copy whenever you need it.

Marji wanted to leave you one last tip for using the list: 
"Write the weather/temperature of the place you are traveling on the list so you can pack accordingly. And cross off anything you don't need for that particular trip prior to packing."

And big thank you to Marji for the helpful list!!
I hope it makes your packing a lot easier too!!

Download here: