Thursday, May 31, 2012

Babbabox Review and SUMMER DISCOUNT!

I have been bragging on my Facebook page for some time about my affinity for the Babbabox.  What is the Babbabox?  It is a subscription-style service for a box of activities and crafts for your kids. Each box is built around a certain theme (Rainbows, Sprouting Seeds, Feelings) and geared toward preschool-aged kids. (She wouldn't want you to know it, but the 7 year-old princess likes them too!)

So what is so special about a box of activities?  Can't I just do stuff with my kids on my own?  Maybe! But this just isn't ANY activity box!  The activities are researched by child development specialists to cater to FOUR ways that children learn: Create, Explore, Storytell and Connect.  I love that EVERYTHING you need to complete the projects are included--down to the glue and the scissors!!  
The brain behind the Babbabox is adorable.   
Oh and clearly brilliant.  Check her out.

Let me give you an example of the May Babbabox we just received.  My four year-old wakes me up at 6:00am with box in hand the day after it arrives, asking 
"Can we do my crafts NOW mommy?"

May's theme was Sprouting Seeds and took the kids through several activities to learn about plants, seeds and the power of nature.

The first activity included decorating mini terra cotta pots and planting our own herb garden.

The second activity taught us about the different parts of the flower by making flower pens.  My son loved writing with the pens afterwards, and surprised me by recalling the different parts of the flower for his daddy at dinner later that night!

Again, everything you need for both of these activities are included as well as full color instructions plus bonus coloring sheets!  
There are even scannable QR codes that link you to bonus online activities.

This category generally takes the kids out in the world to explore things about the month's theme.  This month we received a magnifying glass to examine the seeds and herbs as they will grow.  You could also take it out into your backyard to explore more about how things grow or to expand on what you learned about the different parts of the flower. 

And again, full color instructions and a scannable code for bonus activities!

Each month there is a book included on the month's theme.  This month was a 2-in-1 book about Curious George growing a garden.  My little man didn't know there were stickers in the back of the book, so I am saving that for a future "keep him busy" activity very soon.  

This is my FAVORITE category because it is really in touch with an area of learning for our kids today--technology!  Each box includes a code for a free app for your smartphone that helps to expand their learning even further.

Then there is always a bonus for us--the MOMMIES!  This month it was something that grows from the cacao seed: CHOCOLATE.  I should put it out there that Babbaco might need to send me another box so that I can really do an appropriate review 
(tee hee!  Shameless plug for more chocolate!?)  
But it was really fabulous.  And gone in about 2.5 seconds. 
So no picture for that one.  ;-)

I love love LOVE this box!  As a frugal-minded mommy, the $29.99 is SUCH a value and incredible for what you get.  I mean, just imagine if you were to go out and purchase the supplies for all of these things on your own? 

Guess what?!?!?!?!

They have a SUMMER SURVIVAL PACK for my MOMumental Savings readers! 
If you place an order and pay for the months of June, July and August NOW, you will save 33%! 
Use code MSSUMMER33
Think about the savings: If you were to pay separately, it would cost $89.97 ($29.99 each month).  
Pay just $60 now (free shipping!) using the above code then sit back and wait for your fun summer boxes to arrive! 

Disclosure: MOMumental Savings has partnered with Babbaco, but the opinions above are ALL MINE.