Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

* Scroll to the bottom to see a running list of daily acts of kindness*

I don't open up very often about what is going on in my life.  You come here to learn how to save money, right?

But the truth is, it has been a tough year.  
Maybe it has been for some of you as well.  

Well this was probably one of the toughest years 
of. my. life.  
My faith, family and finances have been tested in ways I would have never, EVER, suspected.  I have had to face a lot of things about myself that I thought I had figured out in my 33 years on this earth.  I have said, on more than one occasion, that I was ready for 2011 to come to an end. I wasn't participating in the Facebook "Thankful Status" campaign.  I wasn't ready to be thankful. I was just ready for 2011 to END. Forget the holidays--all I could think was I just needed to "get through" so that I could start fresh in 2012.  

And then, I was faced with a series of people in my life who were GIVING THANKS for trials, poor circumstances and misfortune.  Many of whom had it MUCH WORSE than my "crappy 2011" had been for me. Some were losing homes, losing babies, and losing jobs, yet they were still grateful? 

At this same time, I was rushing around getting Christmas gifts for my little ones and crossing things off my list.  One of those things was purchasing an Advent Calendar for my kids.  For my kids, the calendars now include toys, gifts, and fun surprises--
the bigger the better! 

I lay in bed one night thinking about this dichotomy--people with nothing, yet filled with gratitude; and me having "everything", yet filled with attitude (and not the good kind!).
Something had to give! 

That's when I decided what our Advent Calendar would be:
25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.

I can't take all the credit--I was inspired by very creative people around the blogging world and posts like this one and this one.

I needed so show some gratitude to get rid of my bad attitude.  And my kids seemed to be picking up on it by turning into Brother and Sister Bear from the book "Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmes." 
(Please tell me you've read that??

So what does this have to do with saving money?  Well, I'm not sure that it does.  But maybe that is what I need after a year of clipping coupons and saving every penny I can at the stores: to give freely of myself, my talents, my service, my heart and my wallet to others--and asking absolutely NOTHING in return.

I have big plans for the next 25 days! I will post updates on our Random Acts as often as I can--most likely through my Facebook page--to help give you ideas for how you can R.A.C.K. someone this Advent.  However, I want to be present in these moments for our family, not for the sake of "blogging about it" so there may be a day (or week!) where you don't hear from me.  Don't worry, I'll do a recap in January.

To help you start your own journey, I have partnered with Punkin Prints who has generously created a free printable to leave behind when you leave your (mostly anonymous) RACK's.

You can also check out her super cute Etsy shop and get some paper products that will WOW your recipients!!!  I'm so lucky to have such talented friends!!

Get the RACK'd download here

Now go bless an unsuspecting someone (or some-more-than-one) with a surprise act of Christmas Kindness.I am committing to 25 acts of kindness, but what about you?  Can you commit to one?  Five? And what will you do?  Leave comments and suggestions below!

Acts 20:35
"In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive'."

Day 1: Made cookies for the husband who had a bad day and needed to smile.
Day 2: Was a "coupon fairy" at Walmart by leaving coupons next to a product that made it under $1 after coupon! 

Day 3: Pulled a name from the Angel Tree (Melvin)
Day 4: Placed quarters on toy machines in Walmart

Day 5: Left waters on top of the garbage cans on pick up day for the garbage men.
Day 6: Left a bag of chocolates in the mailbox for the mailman (to which he exclaimed "YEE HAW" upon finding them)


km said...

This will change your LIFE! :) not just your attitude!! Last year I was touched more than you can even imagine. It's so simple-- the moment we get out of the mode of thinking of us and thinking of others a big-o transformation takes place. I wish you the BEST on this journey! YOU will touch so many lives!!! xooxoxox

Jessica @ FourGenerationsOneRoof said...

Just saw this on tatertots and jello's facebook, what a great idea! Sorry it's been a louzy year for you :( I will tell you though, that your acts of kindness are very inspiring :) Well done!

Kelley with an *E -Y* said...

Had to stop by after seeing a note on TT&J's Facebook page. It is a great idea! Thank you for inspiring me!

The Rx quilter said...

This is what I needed to read. I too am so ready to be done with 2011! I need to fill myself with gratitude and lose the attitude. Thank you! Lisa in Texas

Tiffany said...

I'm doing something similar so that my kids can experience the joy of giving. I'm only doing 12 days of Christmas Kindness but still 12 is better than none. So fun to see others reaching out to others. : )

Letter H. said...

This is such a great idea, so inspiring! I love the quarter in the candy machines idea, so simple -yet totally makes someones day. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Melissa French - The More With Less Mom said...

This is a lovely printable, thanks for posting

Unknown said...

This is really an interesting topic. Congratulations to the writer. I'm sure a lot of readers having fun reading your post. Hoping to read more post from you in the future. Thank you and God bless!


joy said...

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