Friday, January 13, 2012


***Edited--Deal expires WEDNESDAY 1-18-12!!

Yay!  I can finally tell you about the incredible deal I am able to offer those local to Orlando!!!

Groupon has this deal today:

Now for a limited time only, Friday 1-13-12 through Wednesday 1-18-12, you can enjoy the most powerful source of savings delivered to your door for only pennies a week, The Orlando Sentinel!  It is power packed with yearlong savings including coupons, retail circulars, peelies, samples, and restaurant discounts!

The Couponer’s Special, Wednesday through Sunday, is just $20 for the entire year.  
Yes, that’s not a typo, just 
$20 for the entire year!  
Only 39 cents a week to enjoy the paper delivered to your door! Room service for savings!

This amazing Investment is a 94% savings on newsstand price! And you can get up to 4 subscriptions delivered to your home! For example, if you have one already coming to your home, you can get up to THREE more with this deal!!!

More papers + more coupons = more savings!

Here's the deal: it is NO SECRET that the number one source for coupons is the Sunday newspaper.  If you are even REMOTELY serious about saving money--even a little bit--then you must get this deal! 
You can easily recoup the cost of two subscriptions in just ONE WEEK's shopping trip.  And then do it again and again and again for the other 51 weeks of the year 
(Do the math on that!  MEGA savings!!)

Now although it's a GROUPON deal, you I am asking you to purchase this deal through the link below.  When you do, you will be supporting a non-profit that is near and dear to my heart:

I truly believe in the motto "In helping others, we help ourselves"  
By subscribing through MOMumental Savings and The Simple Truth Foundation, you will get this great deal while also helping to support local food banks, shelters and other help centers. 
(And doesn't that make you feel good??)


And don't forget about me!!!!  To help you maximize this opportunity I am available to teach a class of 12 or more. If you are the hostess for the class you will receive a $25.00 appreciation fee! 
Please share this information to anyone you feel will enjoy this tremendous opportunity.

Order now!! It's time to CHEER, you can lock in the Orlando Sentinel for PENNIES this year!!!