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5 Savvy Saving Secrets Every Couponer Needs to Know

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So you can coupon!  Great!  But how can you take it a step further? I have 5 ways you can shrink that spending budget even more!

1.  How to save $10-$15 every trip by clipping ONE coupon.

I use the coupons in my local weekly grocery ads that frequently come out for $5 off a $30 purchase or $5 off a $50 purchase.  Since I get multiple newspapers, I have several of these coupons.  By simply splitting my groceries into 2-3 separate orders, I can use one of these coupons on each order! My grocery store also accepts competitor coupons from other stores so I bought several of these books for $10 each.  Each coupon book has FOUR $5 off a $30 purchase, so I actually MADE $10 for every book I bought! You might find similar coupons in your local Entertainment book as well.  When you do, buy in multiple so you can use these coupons often!

2. How to save money on meat:

I buy my meat in BULK! There are nationwide events currently listed for 40lbs of chicken breasts, ground beef and even bacon!  I recently bought the 40lbs of 93% lean ground beef and it has been AMAZING. So easy to pull out of the fridge and brown up for a meal! 
The price is great too! If you don't need all of it, split it with a neighbor or friend! Either way, you will have meat and can shop the grocery sales for all your other needs! ;-) This saves me money twice: 1) I don't have to buy (higher priced) meat at my local grocery store weekly and 2) When we are in a pinch for dinner, I ALWAYS have something in the freezer I can defrost and through in a recipe instead of having to go out to get food!

3. How to save money on Newspapers:

I subscribe here in Orlando through the Simple Truth Foundation (a non-profit that assists in connecting people to food banks) because they SUBSIDIZE my subscription! YEP! For every subscription you order, you get a $10 Publix gift card!! Each 13 week Wed-Sun subscription is around $24, plus $10 back! That's just about $1 a week. And seriously, if you can't afford $1 a week per paper, then you need to "hang up the scissors" as Fran the Coupon Man says. I completely agree.

And if you aren't local to Orlando, call your local paper and see what deals they offer for couponers! The saying is true: "You never know until you ask!

If you want to get "fiscally fit" for 2012, click on the link to the left to subscribe and start saving on your papers too!!!

4. How to save money outside of the grocery stores:

Make the most of online coupons, in store specials and store loyalty cards--then wait for a sale!!!

This week I bought:
  • 2 Wii games for the kids
  • 3 Easy Bake oven mixes and 1 cake pan
  • an Orange Glow mop
  • a pack of boys size 4 underwear
  • superglue
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects
  • and a dozen PERSONALIZED golf balls 

Coupons used:

  • $10 Best Buy rewards (Reward zone card) used on two Wii games marked down to $14.99 each (originally $29.99)

  • $5 any purchase at Toys R Us (Rewards R Us email coupon)

  • $5 Rebate peelie on Orange Glow mop

  • Sally Hanson nail art marked down half price in the Clearance section at Target

  • $10 off $25 purchase at Dick's Sporting Goods

  • Free shipping and golf ball personalization (in store special) at Dick's ($17 value)

Total retail value was around $90 and I paid just $50 after rebates and coupons!  Not too shabby for retail shopping!

The strategies of grocery store couponing really can be applied to everywhere you shop!! Collecting coupons, waiting for a sale and then paying attention while you SHOP!

MOMumental Savings Tip: I love the website to look up coupon codes and printable coupons for retail stores!

5. How to save money on non-sale grocery items you need to buy, but don't have coupons for?

Here is the secret: The Coupon Database.

Go to your favorite coupon matchup website and look for a section called "Coupon Database."  Once you click on it, you will be taken to a search engine type of page where you type in the name of the product you need coupons for.
For me it can sometimes be as generic as "sausage" and it the database pulls up every sausage related coupon of many different brands.  Other times, I might type in "Jimmy Dean" because I am looking for a brand-specific coupon for sausage.  Many times there are NO coupons for the things I am looking for! Oh well!  Other times, I might be able to print or clip as much as $5 worth of coupons for things that I NEED, even if they aren't on sale.  (And yes, that happens!!!).

So there you go!  5 MOMumental Savings tips to help you save even more!

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Jennifer Rawlines said...

Great tips! I was really into couponing and was getting tons of stuff super cheap and even free, but lately I have been slacking. You have encouraged me to get back into it though. There really are tons of savings to be had:) I am Following you now and would be thrilled if you could stop by and Follow back!

Have a great day!

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust said...

Thank you for sharing these great tips. I'm re-committing to taking the time to notice sales & clip coupons.

Warmly, Michelle

Jaime Jackson said...

Thanks to both of you!! I can't wait to check our your blogs! I hope to see you on Facebook!!!