Saturday, January 28, 2012

MAJOR Savings by Stacking Coupons

Quick Couponing 101 lesson: Stacking Coupons

Stacking refers to using TWO coupons on ONE item.  Find out your store's coupon policy on this.  My grocery store will accept ONE store coupon (issued by the store) and ONE manufacturer coupon (issued by the manufacturer) on EACH item.  Some stores limit you to a certain number of times you can do this or will only allow you to purchase a certain number of the items at the special pricing with coupon. 

Stacking store and manufacturer coupons along with a SALE is when you get deep savings of 70%-100%.

Here is what stacking did for me tonight:

Yep.  I paid $1.44 out of pocket (OOP) for nearly $50 of groceries.

Here is how I did it:

6 boxes of Fiber One cereal on sale for 2/$5
(only two kind work for this scenario--Raisin and Caramel)
Use 6 $2/1 any GM cereal (also on back page of weekly ad)
Used 6 $.75/1 Fiber One from the 1/1 SS
Overage $1.50 on 6 boxes after coupons

2 Phazyme $3.49 each
Used 1 $5/2 Publix coupon--Green Advantage Flyer starting 1/28
Used 2 Printable coupons: $2/1 Phazyme MQ
Overage $2.02 

2 Sominex $3.29 each
Used 1 $5/2 Publix coupon--Green Advantage Flyer starting 1/28
Used 2 Printable coupons: $2/1 Sominex MQ
Overage $2.42

2 Gallons of milk $3.79 each

$1.44 OOP for $48 of groceries
97% Savings!!! (Definitely a personal best)

Just to give you a REALISTIC perspective on this as well, I will add this to my weekly shopping totals from earlier this week.  
My total OOP was $105
Savings: $213
Retail: $318 of groceries/cleaning products/produce/health and beauty/paper and plastic/pet food
77% savings for the week!

This is largely a food bank donation.  We will keep 2 boxes of cereal and the milks and donate the rest to our local food bank.  They are always so appreciative and I am happy to support their efforts to help the community.

Say it with me "Stacking is my friend!"
Find out how you can stack coupons at your local grocery store too.  Knowing the coupon policy is going to be your FIRST key to saving money.

Questions?  I love to help you learn how to save MOMumentally!