Friday, September 18, 2009

Coupon Institute

Since staying at home I have found that I am a freak  serious about finding deals and saving money.  Does it take a little bit of time? Yes.  But it is worth it to me to save 60% or more at the stores.  

I want to share my knowledge with you and invite you to participate in my Coupon Institute.
Coupon Institute is a virtual classroom where I teach you how to "coupon" and slash you grocery budget in half.  I never thought it would be possible to feed my entire family of five by spending only $200/month at the stores.  I was never aware of how much food we wasted, threw out and let spoil.  

At Coupon Institute, I will take you from the beginning of your couponing journey and show you how creativity of thought--in meal planning, brand loyalty and spending--can help you change your way of shopping forever.
Our syllabus for Coupon University includes some of the following topics:

  • Getting organized
  • Mistakes beginners make
  • Beyond the pages of the newspaper
  • Price tracking
  • Stockpiling
  • Coupons: Money in your pocket
  • Meal planning and making it work for you
  • Drug store shopping for groceries (Yes, Groceries!)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Big Box shopping
  • Shopping alone
  • Saving when eating out
  • Using the internet to track and find deals
  • Freebies and Samples

This is just a few of the topics we will explore in our virtual classroom.  You will have homework "assignments" to help you on your coupon journey.   Any good teacher knows that most people LEARN by DOING.  There will also be a few surprises and goodies for you along the way.

Check in here every week for your next lesson and new assignment. Be sure to click the "Coupon Institute" link in my sidebar.  In ten weeks your grocery bill will not look the same again!!  

So who is with me?  I want to know who my students are!  In the comments leave your name, number of people in your household and your monthly grocery budget.  And just for fun, tell me what you like to "treat" yourself to while shopping.  My treat is the silence itself. I shop alone.  It is glorious.

Ready, Set, Save!


Melissa said...

Family of 4
Groceries run us about $300, maybe more, since we do a lot of last minute shopping
I was doing OK on the coupon thing, but got off track....need help to plan more, etc.

Treat while shopping: Can't think of anything...

Stephanie said...

Family of 4
Groceries run about 400 a month, but has dropped in the last month or so since I started couponing. I still have a lot to learn.
My treat when shoppping is also silence. Silence it can be grand :)

4ladyhusky said...

Family of 4
Groceries run us nabout $400 but I do try to use coupons and I buy our meat in bulk at Costco. I also just switched a much cheaper grocery store but want to be able to save even more.
I don't usually treat myself when shopping. I only have to bring one child so I guess that's a treat!

leigh said...

Family of 3.
I really haven't been keeping up with my total grocery bill, and I have never had a budget. I used to shop at Publix and CVS when I lived in Alabama, but I stopped coupon shopping when I moved to St Louis mainly because those stores are not here. I started Targeting the past month after my toddler started pre-school. My treats while shopping are silence when I am lucky enough to be alone and Starbucks.

Elvira said...

Family of 5
I usually go to Costco for most of my shopping, and that bill is $250. And then I run to the store if I need an Item that I need for dinner, whick can add up fast. Then I say to my self," I know I have a coupon for this at home." A treat for me when I shop, is getting the best deal!! Yet, sometimes I miss out. So I look forward to getting started to learn new tricks!!

Jaime said...

Family of 3
I used to do the coupon thing and shop at 3 different stores every week: CVS, Winn Dixie and Publix. I was saving a good bit of money, but I have to shop with my 15 month old and 3 stores just doesn't cut it. Lately, I've been shopping at Aldi and saving some. Not as much as with all the coupons, but I just don't have that kind of time any more.
My treat when shopping is if I ever get to go by myself, but that is rare. I'm just happy if I can go to one store and get everything we need. Also rare.

Amber said...

Family of 1
I really don't pay attention to my normal grocery bill. I'm actually not sure I have a normal. I tend to grab food on the go a lot and only go to the store if I decide to make something.
My treat . . .hmm, not sure. I try to stick to my list when I go, so usually no treats.

Anonymous said...

Family of 3
My monthly grocery bill is approximately $400-$500.00. This is way too high I know...I just can't seem to get organized to save the money...hoping this helps with that!!
My treat....unfortunately I get no shopping is the most stressful thing for me. I tend to take my three year old with and try to save money at the same time...accomplishing nothing. I will definitely start doing my grocery shopping while she is at school from now on:)

ap_msu03 said...

Family of 5 - with one about to be teenage boy!

I budget $300 for our groceries every month. I would like to be able to spend less than that, but I don't see how. I am hoping using coupons is going to help!
I love taking my youngest daughter shopping with me. It is one of the times that she and I can be together while her older siblings are at school. We usually get some kind of treat when we are done as a reward!