Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Up and Running

Hello all and welcome!
MOMumental Savings is UP AND RUNNING!
The adventures of this newly initiated stay-at-home mom is what led me to think that MORE people could save money, get creative and enjoy the everyday a little more by what I have to share. So what can you expect from this blog, exactly?

1. Shopping savings. I will be giving tips I have learned on my own coupon journey as well as introducing you to other ways to save money and websites that will help you achieve a lower shopping bill.

2. Freebie/Deal alerts. When I find a deal I think you, my readers, would be interested in, I will be passing the info along to you!

3. Couponing Institute. The "How to get started in saving money" formatted into a series of "classes." I will be writing a series of posts that will take you through my Coupon Institute each week to teach you how to be a serious saver. Earn your M.C. (Masters of Couponing) by majoring in frugal finance!

4. Creativity. This is truly What Works for Me! I have to get creative to re-energize my lifestyle! Don't worry, it won't all be about arts and crafts, we will talk about creativity of thought, getting creative with organization, and many other areas of our lives. And we will explore how being creative is the ultimate frugal choice.

I want to hear from you, my readers as well! Let me know What Works for YOU or what you would like to see more of in my blog.
So here we go people!

Ready, set, SAVE!


Melissa said...

Can't wait to start SAVING!!!

CTone said...

this is awesome!!!great break down of areas to look ahead to and detail it..what a great way to help guide other moms to start a saving plan and many other suggestions that will help our lives!!

Stephanie said...

Jamie, you inspire me=, I have just started couponing but have a lot to learn so i am intrested in anything you can teach me...