Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pre-class assignment for the Coupon Institute

To get ready for our first week of class coming soon, start collecting newspaper coupons for the next couple of weeks.  Keep your eyes open in your local mailers and even email in-box.

At a coffee shop on a Sunday?  See if anyone has left a discarded paper on the table with the coupons still in it!  Many patrons will get a paper to peruse while they enjoy their coffee and pastry, then leave the paper for the next patron to enjoy.  Many times, the papers will still have the advertisements and coupons STILL in them.  Collecting multiples of coupons will help when it comes to stockpiling those items your family eats frequently (in my house that is Pop Tarts!)

Save all of the coupon inserts for our first week of class (Coming in October) and be sure to label them with the date on the front.  If you need to clip coupons to use from now until then, feel free!  But try to keep the packets together so in our first week we can explore ways of getting organized for our shopping trips.

Lastly, if you don't have a store loyalty card, CVS ExtraCare Card or other loyalty programs (office supply stores and even Toys R Us have these too) SIGN UP NOW.
I just signed up for Kohl's email list the other day and got a $5 off a $5 purchase to use.  I am going to pair that with my Kohl's Cash and a great sale in a week or so and hopefully purchase the Shark Steam Pocket Mop I have had my eye on!!

*Don't forget to comment in the previous post if you are going to be "participating" in the Coupon Institute!*


leigh said...

The Children's Place also has a great store loyalty card. You get a $10 off any purchase coupon for every $75 you spend.
My other ones that I use are from Ulta (I get my hair highlighted and cut here and I normally get enough points to get a free bottle of perfume), White House Black Market, and Arden B. Aerie also has a punch card program called A-List where you can get a free gift with no purchase required each month. Some of the past gifts were a tote bag, lip gloss, note pad, and panties (this month).

I love Kohl's Jaime! I have racked up way to much Kohl's Cash since they have the 30% off too!!! Let me know how the Shark works. I've had my eye on it as well!!!

4ladyhusky said...

I have the's AWESOME! I LOVE it.