Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toy's R Us deal

Toys R Us is having a GREAT sale week.  Per their ad, many toys are Buy 2, get the 3rd FREE!  Well that wasn't good enough for me, so the search for the coupons began.

I knew the Leapfrog products were included, and we have several of their products in our house (Tag, Leapster, etc..) There is also a new toy called My Pal Scout that we had been eyeing for Brody and I was waiting for a sale.

Well here is the deal I did today using coupons from here.
My Pal Scout: $19.99
Fridge Recorder (marked down 50%) $10.99--because this was such a good price, I bought TWO and the second one was free!
Star Wars Leapster game  $24.99
Spongebob Tag Book $13.99
Tinkerbell Tag Book  $13.99
Again, the second Tag book was free!

I also picked up 3 My Little Pony Toys (they were buy 2 get 1 free also)
Then I used a $5/$20 My Little Pony purchase coupon I had from an internet printable from earlier.

The other coupons I used:
- $4/1 My Pal Scout
-(2) $4/1 Tag book
-(2) $4/1 Fridge toy
-$5/1 Leapster game
My total for 9 toys was $68!  Average cost of each toy was $7.60!
Total before ALL coupons and free items was $130.

Some of the toys are getting stored for Christmas for my kiddos, the rest we will put up for presents for later or for birthday parties.

We have already received invites to birthday parties out here and if you think about how *most* people shop for birthdays, they typically go the week before to buy a gift and spend as much as $20 or $25!  This is because they are not stockpiling when the items are on sale!

I can't wait to teach you all these techniques in my Coupon Institute!  Are you signed up yet?

My Little Pony


MOMS Club said...

I guess I have to take a trip to Toys R Us Today!! This will come in handy since I have a big extended family!! WOW, 7.60 per toy, you can't beat that!!