Thursday, November 5, 2009

Target deals--Wii games and more

Okay, so I could tell you how I scored $98 of stuff last week at Target for $52 and NEXT WEEK you are going to learn how saving at Target works.  IT IS CRAZY.

Here is an example.  Remember the Target Toy book I posted about here?  Well now the coupons are available to print here!  And here you can view the Toy catalog for the holidays.

There is a $10/2 Wii games coupon--paired with their weekly sale of Buy 2 Wii games, get 1 free, this is going to be an AWESOME DEAL.
Some games start at $14.99
Buy 3 Wii games at $14.99=$42.97
Minus Buy 2 get one free=$28.98
-$10/2 coupon=$18.98
3 Wii games for $6.33 each!

Even paired with the more expensive Wii games, this is a killer deal with the coupon!

Just wait until next week.....we will learn more about Target coupons and how to really maximize your savings there.  I am constantly amazed that I can save so much at Tar-jay.