Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Week 5: Scoring great deals at Target+video link

As you can read from Target's Coupon policy, you can use TWO coupons per item--one Target, one manufacturer.  This makes it very easy to get great deals at Target--food there is sometimes cheaper than the grocery stores!  Here are some tips for Target shopping:

1. Profile your cashier--Target cashiers can make or break you.  I have found some cashiers to push my coupons right while others are so unsure of what to do, they call someone over for every coupon.  My suggestion is to look for two types of cashiers--older women or teenage boys.  The older women always seem to "cheer me on" as I give them my coupons and watch my total go down.  The younger boys are (often) brought out from the stock room or gathering carts and when I seem to know more than they do about the coupon policy, they push my coupons through as well.  

2. Know the difference in "Limit one per transaction" and "Limit one per item" wording on coupons. Target coupons usually say "limit one per transaction" while manufacturer Q's usually limit you to one per item, but not per transaction.  Read your coupons carefully.

3. Go with a plan BUT take your coupon binder and be flexible.  Target prices vary widely from store to store nationwide.  Laundry detergent might be on temporary price cut in Alabama, but not in California.  Even within the same state, Target's sales might vary.  It is always good to go with a plan, but this is the store where I also carry my binder, just in case.  Other stores, I simply carry my small organizer with just the coupons I need.

4. Print the Target coupon policy and carry it with you.  In case your profiling of your cashier has not gone well, you might need this on hand so they can be reminded of the rules.

5. Target now (as in JUST THIS WEEK) has started to limit how many coupons you can print per computer to just two.  Before it was unlimited.  Here is the new info:
This is what they now state under one of the questions on their help page "Many of our coupons have print limits – per guest and in total. If/when you exceed those limits, the coupon will no longer appear for you or you may receive a messaging stating “you have exceeded your household limit” or “this coupon is no longer available”." You can check out more details on this here.
Here is the link for Target coupons.  I have updated my Printable Coupons link in my sidebar to add this new link.

Lastly, my favorite blogger, Hip2save has a great video on Target shopping.  She shows you how to find deals and combine coupons to get things for free or very little.  Watch how she explores every part of the store to find deals!  Love that gal!

So what have you found for a steal at Target lately?