Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Friday Gameplan {Series} Day 2

Welcome back to MOMumental Savings Black Friday Gameplan (BFG) series!

If you missed yesterday's tip, go back and read it now!

Tip #2: Prepare your game plan early

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Black Friday will be less stressful if you plan your gift list NOW.   Think TODAY about your gift list!

Did you know that the average adult in the United States spends an average $750 on Christmas gifts??  Now, that is obviously an average and some will spend more or less, but isn't it hard to believe that some households spend over $1000 at Christmas alone?  Preparing your BFG now could help you to cut that figure in half or MORE-just for spending a few hours getting organized!!! 

Use this simple F.R.A.N.K. method to think about the different types of people you might need to purchase gifts for:

Obviously this is self-explanatory, but think about the types of friends you are going to buy gifts for.  Age and gender will be important factors.  Will you buy a gift for a set of friends that you and your significant other have mutually? One all-inclusive gift that can be used for a family or a couple could help save you money instead of purchasing gifts for each individual person.

This is also a self-explanatory category.  Some of the above ideas from the "friends" category apply here as well.  If you have a large family consider a "gifts just for kids" rule or pick names to help cut expenses for everyone (your family will appreciate it!!)  

These are the people you want to show your appreciation to, but may not see everyday.  Think your mailman, paper delivery man, hair stylist, secretaries at offices you frequent, etc...  We are planning a Christmas project for our family where we show our thanks to these types of people, in particular.  And this is the category where you will likely spend the least.  In this case, it is all about showing your gratitude and letting them know they are thought of and appreciated.  A plate of cookies, a cake, or an extra $5 dollars on their tip will go a long way for them during the holidays.

Neighbors help us lots during the year when we go on vacation by bringing in our mail, garbage cans and just being good to our kids.  Consider what gifts you might need or want to buy for your neighbors.   "Neighbors" can also mean your community as a whole and those that work in service to your community--fire fighters, policemen, etc......perhaps you plan on giving them gifts as well.  Some gift ideas may be similar to the acquaintances listed above in hopes of showing appreciation and gratitude.

The "kids" category applies broadly to anyone you know through your kids, other people's kids and of course your own kid's gifts. Do you plan on getting your children's teachers gifts? Secretaries or workers at their school?  Does your son or daughter have a special friend or group that they have to buy gifts for? And what is it your kids really want? The gift my daughter wants has been on sale for many weeks now, so it will not be apart of my BFG

Once you have an idea of what you want to purchase, remember my first tip of KNOWLEDGE.  Start researching now to find what these items are currently selling for so you will know if the Black Friday sales are actually a great deal or just a retailer's propaganda to get you in the store.  
Example: A Crayola paint set my son wants currently retails for $14.99.  A sneak peek at a retailer's Black Friday ad reveals it is one of their "Doorbuster" deals at a price of $12.99. To me, less than 30% savings is not a "doorbuster" deal! Knowing the going rate for items should be a part of your preparation.

Lastly, I have made a printable form for you to use as you PREPARE your BFG gift list. 
Yay for FREEBIES!  ;-)
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Come back tomorrow to find out how you can USE your F.R.A.N.K gift list for pre-Black Friday sales.