Sunday, November 13, 2011

Preparing Your Black Friday Gameplan {Series}

Join me this week for a series of tips on how to execute a successful Black Friday Gameplan.

Black Friday is defined as the day when many retailers hope to make enough sales to put them back "in the black" and out of the "red" in their financial books.  I love nothing more than a good Black Friday shopping spree (for sport!).  Despite the fact that most of my gift list has been completed by Black Friday, I still enjoy getting amongst the crowds to see what retailers have to offer.  Some of you may be STARTING your holiday shopping on Black Friday.  If you are one of the many that shop this way, you need to be prepared!  
MOMumental Savings is here to help you!

Many retailers have already "leaked" their Black Friday ads. 
 As a couponer, how is this information helpful and relevant?  
Furthermore, how does it benefit you to see the ads any earlier than Thanksgiving Day?

Know what you can expect
It's all about knowledge.  

Store hours and special item sales are key when approaching your Black Friday Gameplan (BFG)

Talk to your local store associates and managers to find out how they plan on handling the large crowds and "must have" sale items. 
Some helpful questions to ask:

  • Will there be "limit one per customer" type of sale items?  
  • Will there only be a certain amount of people allowed in the store at a time?  
  • Where is the best place to check out?
  • Will there be a "minimum two per store" type of rule in place for some of those must have items?
  • Some stores open at 10pm, but the sale on certain items (electronics, appliances) doesn't start until midnight--ask them how this will be handled.
  • What competitor coupons and ads will be accepted? (some retailers vary in what will be allowed as a "price match" on Black Friday)

Doing some reconnaissance work as you are shopping the store in the next two weeks can pay off BIG TIME.

Join me tomorrow as I talk about the importance of preparation and give some tips to help you think about some things you can do NOW that will help you with your BFG.

Check my favorite website for the Black Friday ad scans and sales.  

Where are you planning to shop Black Friday?