Monday, November 7, 2011

Guest Post: MOMumental style on a Budget

I am thrilled to have fellow blogger, Kylie from Styled by MaryKylie give us tips on some money-saving styles!  I know I need help in this area, so maybe this was more for me than anyone else (tee hee!).  

I've had lots of requests from my fellow Mom friends on how to dress cute not only when on a budget, but when you are running kids here and there, running a household, and often times having a job outside the home. I was beyond excited when my long time friend and now fellow blogger Jaime asked me to do a guest post on her blog about this exact topic.

 Being a Mom doesn't mean you have to dress boring or wear certain things just because you have kids. I hear so many women say "I can't wear that, I'm a Mom now", and that is so beyond false. Now I'm not saying you can still wear the mini skirts or bootie shorts, you must draw the line somewhere, but you all can be stylish Moms!! 

 There are tons of places that I get outfit inspiration besides my own closet. Being on a budget myself, I try to re-create outfits seen on celebs with things I have in my own closet. My new favorite place for outfit inspiration is Pinterest. I have used it to re-create a ton of outfits from my own closet. I know most of you Moms are using it for crafts and cooking, but zip on over and get inspired in the Women's Apparel section. 

 Being a Mom usually means you have little time to take for yourself to get ready, so you just throw on whatever is clean and run out the door. Hopefully after a little help from me those days will be soon over. Below I have put together some outfits perfect for work or play, and a few that can go day with the kids into a date night with Dad!! I tried to keep each outfit simple, comfortable, but looking effortlessly put together. Here is my philosophy on putting effort into your daily look... The same effort it took you to put on that t-shirt and gym shorts you could've taken to grab a cotton dress and boots, or a sweater, scarf, and jeans. This way you at least give the impression you put effort into your look! :) 

 I used pieces from mainly Target and Forever 21 below. Yes, you can find age appropriate clothes in Forever 21 if you look. They have tops, sweaters, jeans, shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc, all usually under $50!! Score!! And if you find a dress you like and it's a tad short, add leggings!! You can click on any piece in the collages to purchase or for more information. 

 I love this first outfit because the dress and boot a are perfect for a day with the kids, work, and dinner date with Dad.

This is perfect for those days filled with errands!!

I love this for those days when you are kid free for a few hours and have time for girls lunch/ shopping trip.

Friday work casual or day to date night outfit.

Great example of the effortless look I talked about earlier, basic top, jeans, and scarf come together to make a perfect ensemble.

I love this for work. The belt makes a boring dress put together.

This last look is an example of what I mentioned earlier about finding a dress at Forever 21 that's a little too short, but adding leggings to make it work.

Please email me anytime if you want me to style an outfit for you or help you shop on a budget!!

Thanks so much Kylie!  Don't forget to check out her blog and see how she puts together awesome outfits  each week!  I TOTALLY envy her style sense!
Now this has given me some ideas and a little motivation to get out of the fashion rut I have been in (let's not go there, shall we?)