Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday Gameplan {Series} Day 4

Welcome back to MOMumental Savings Black Friday Gameplan Series!
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Since it is getting closer to Black Friday, today's topic is VERY important:

 Know what is a GREAT deal--and know what is NOT

Hands down, there will be great deals on Black Friday.  However, you have to be able to separate the hot prices from the hype!  Let me break it down:

Hot price items: these are usually the "doorbuster" deals.  Crazy sale prices are common on big ticket items like computers, television and iPods.  They might enhance these prices with a refund offer like a gift card with purchase as well. It might also be a great price on a toy.  Anything with a DEEP discount (50% or more off retail) is a hot price. 

Hype: This is most everything else in the Black Friday ad!  There will be plenty of other items on sale, but they may only be 10%-30% off retail.  Sometimes even less! 

Simply being aware of prices prior to Black Friday will help you determine what is a hot price or a hype item.  You can do this easily (right now!) by doing an internet search to your favorite retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc....). Make a list of current prices of the items  on your shopping list.  Compare this list to the Black Friday ads to determine what (and where) has the best price on all of your items!

But remember, time is valuable too!  If you work full time and Black Friday is "your day" to shop for gifts, then any savings is better than none!!  Going to the store armed with a price list will help you determine the best prices, no matter what.

Now for another freebie! 
Since you have made your F.R.A.N.K. gift list, now you can start to search for the best prices on those gifts!    Email me to receive a free printable organizer for your gift list and price sheet.  You will use it to track the price of items as well as what store has the best Black Friday price!  It's essential to be organized for your BFG!