Thursday, November 10, 2011

VIDEO--How to Organize your coupons!

How I organize my coupon inserts to save TIME (that is just as valuable as money, right?)


There ya go!! Questions?  Comments?  Let me know what you think!!!


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing.
Right now I use a binder to store my coupons, but I do like your idea. I don't get 6 Sunday papers (i usually only do 2).

I find the "clipping" part to be a bit calming and Kara likes to "help" a bit. She is really good at collecting all the coupons that expired and I didn't use or for items that I KNOW I will not use.

I really am enjoying all you have shared!! Thanks!!
:-) Melissa

Anonymous said...

Loved your video, Jaime!! I found it so helpful! Because of this video, I feel motivated to now get started on becoming an OFFICIAL couponer! I do okay, but I know I could be doing SOOOOO much better. Thanks for sharing! ~Marji