Thursday, November 24, 2011


My plan of attack for CVS shopping!--See my update below!

Here we go!  See where I got my matchups here.

Transaction 1
Colgate toothpaste 4oz $2.87
-$1/1 CVS coupon
OOP=$1.37                $2.87 ECB
L.A. Looks Styling Gel 26oz $2.49
-$1/1 Manu Q.
OOP=$1.49                $2.49 ECB
Bayer 20ct $.99
-$2/1 MQ (if overage is allowed)
Carmex .15-.35oz $1.00
OOP=1.00                  $1.00 ECB
Benefiber sticks trial size 3ct $1.49
-$2/1 MQ (if allowed)
(2) Theraflu Caplets 8ct $1.87
OOP=$.74                   $1.87ECB
Finish Quantum 10ct. $2.99
-1/1 Finish Manu Q
OOP=$1.99                $2.99ECB
Total OOP $5.07      $12.71ECB

Transaction 2
G.U.M. Toothbrush 2pk $2.99
Breathe Right Strips Bonus size 10+2ct. $5.99
-$1.50 Breathe Right Manu Q
OOP=$4.49                $5.99ECB
FiberOne 90 Cal bars $3.99
-$.40/1 MQ
OOP=$3.59                $3.99ECB
Listerine Pocket Paks 3pk $2.99
-$.50/1 Listerine Manu Q
OOP=$2.49                $2.99ECB
-$12.71 ECB from Trans 1
OOP= $.85                 $15.96ECB

Transaction 3
Sheets Energy Strips 10ct $3.99/$3.99ECB
Be Koool for kids 4ct $4.49/$4.49ECB
Softlips $2.00/$2.00ECB
Advil PM 4ct  $.99/$.99ECB
CVS Batteries AA or AAA $3.99/$3.99ECB
(1) Mars Candy $.75/.$75ECB
-$15.96 ECB from Trans 2
OOP=$.25               $16.46 ECB

Transaction 4
Universal Remote $6.99/$6.99 ECB
Exederin 8ct+bonusPM $.99/$.99ECB
Kleenex Cool Touch $1.50/$1.50 ECB
Balance Bar $1.69/$1.69 ECB
Starbucks Double shot $1.69/$1.69 ECB
Pepto Bismol 4oz $2.99/$2.99 ECB
(1) Mars Candy $.75/$.75 ECB
Total $16.60
-$16.46 ECB From Trans 3
OOP=$.14               $16.60 ECB

Transaction 5
Advil 10ct $2.99/$2.99ECB
CVS Flossers 90ct $1.99/$1.99ECB
Revlon nail $4.99
iChill Relaxation shot $5.29/$5.29ECB
Theraflu travel size $.99/$.99ECB
(2) Hershey bar King size $1.98/$1.98ECB
-$16.60ECB from Trans 4
OOP=$.63                  $17.24ECB

Transaction 6
Phillips Earbuds $6.99/$6 ECB
Wet n Wild nail kit $2.88/$2ECB
-$5.29 and $3.99 ECB from Trans 5
OOP= $.59                 $8.00ECB

Total OOP= $6.38 plus tax
Retail $92.44
ECB left to spend $15.95
Profit after ECB=$9.57

I will come back and update to let you know how it goes!!

Update:  They were out of the Sheetz and BeKOOOL fever patches I needed for Transaction 3 so I subbed in the two items from Transaction 6.

My total was $9.87OOP and saved $100 with $17.97 in ECB left to spend!