Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coupon Institute Week 1 Check up+Week 2 details

 I still have to get you pictures of my coupon binder and files!  Those are coming!  But I want to hear from you about how this journey is going for you so far.  REMEMBER you are students here, so in the comments section, answer a few questions for me, would ya?  ;-)
Week 1 Check up:

1. How are those organizational methods coming?  What method did you think would work best for you?  Have you tried any of them yet?
2. What was the first week's lessons like for you?  Suggestions for me going forward?
3. What did you do this weekend that was frugal AND fun?

This week's lessons will focus on Meal Planning.  I know you are thinking, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET TO THE DEALS?  But really Couponing and saving money encompasses so much more than just clipping the coupons and using them. Once we have laid the groundwork of organization and planning you will have a clearer idea about how you want to proceed with your coupons!
Here is what you can expect from this week's lessons.
Week 2: Meal Planning
Lesson 1: Sales trends predict your meals--Tuesday 10/13
Lesson 2: Once a Month Cooking to save time and money--Thursday 10/15


Elvira said...

I watch the hip2save video and ended up going to walmart and purchasing the baseball card holders, plastic dividers and the "All you magazine!" I have signed up for most of the website for the printable coupons, which I hope I use.
My highlight for the weekend was that about two weeks ago we went to toys r us for Jeffrey's Birthday and got a coupon for a FREE Hot wheel car. Well I have 2 boys and my youngest lost his free coupon. Well I remembered the manager and told him we came to celebrate and told him I lost a coupon. He remembered us and gave me another car for free! These cars were worth 4.99 each!! So I got 2 Free cars and two happy boys!!

ap_msu03 said...

My son had wrestling practice and then we had a meeting about an hour later. So, me, my son, and my 21 month old went to the pet store. We saw bunnies, ferrets, fish, snakes, and all kinds of interesting animals. We had so much fun!

I am still working on the organization! Will let you know later!