Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 1 Lesson 2: Where to find Coupons

Week 1 Lesson 2: Where to find Coupons
Yes there are plenty of places to find coupons besides the Sunday paper!
     A. Printable Coupons
     B. E-Coupons
     C. All You magazine et. al.
     D. Mailers, peelies, blinkies, etc...

A.  Printable Coupons:
Red Plum (use my Coupon bar in the top right corner to access these!)
Snackpicks--you have to register to get access to these
Simple and Delicious
A tip: Hitting the "back" button will allow you to print another copy of the coupons, but all computers are limited to two prints per computer.
For Target store coupons I like the Target Coupon Generator on
For coupons you missed in the Sunday paper, you can order them from The Coupon Clippers or on Ebay.  I like this so I can buy large quantities of coupons for items I know we eat most frequently

B. E-coupons
Did you know you can load coupons onto you store cards, no clipping required?
Check these sites to see if you store participates in these programs!
P&G esaver

C. All You magazine et. al.
All You is a great magazine sold exclusively at Walmart that has between $60-$80 worth of coupons in each issue.  There are also pretty good deals on a one year subscription over on Amazon from time to time.
Parents magazine also has coupons in it (though not as many as All You). I recently had an issues that included a $1.50 coupon for Tide Stain Release AND a 20% off coupon for Gymboree.  

D. Many times free samples will also come with a coupon for a future purchase--just another reason to sign up for some freebies!  And keep your eyes open in the stores for CNP's (Coupons near product) in the form of peelies and blinkies.

Bet you never knew there were so many places to find coupons huh?

Last but not least I have to include one of my favorite online-only coupon sites,  This site includes codes for online ordering for thousands of products.  Many times you can combine codes to get a percent off, free shipping AND an added freebie.  Before you order ANYTHING else online, check Retailmenot first for coupon codes to enter before you checkout.