Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three things Thursday

1.  Walmart has a free sample available of Garnier Fructis.  Get it here.

2. Starbucks has come out with a new product called Via.  You add a Starbucks mix to hot water and BAM! (a' la Emeril) instant coffee!  My hubby got some samples from his favorite baristas and it is SUPERB.  A 12-pack of the Via sticks costs only $9.95 a box!  What a steal!  In any case, go to any Starbucks Oct 2-5th and take the Via challenge and get a coupon for a free coffee on your next visit.  FREE STARBUCKS. Need I say more?

3. Something for the furball: Get a free sample of 3M's new product for dogs, Nutrachew.  Get your free sample and coupon here.